Robbie Mortimer is an Australian Singer-Songwriter, with two studio albums. 
Robbie is a natural storyteller, with his music covering a variety of themes and genres. His life experiences have influenced his music, as he writes about love, travel, life, and heartbreak.  

200 Years Too Late is Robbie Mortimers second Studio Album. 

The singer-songwriter is fast becoming hailed as one of our shining talents within Australian music.  His second studio album ‘200 Years Too Late’  is about as authentic as it gets, with the wildly talented writer creating a heartfelt and passionate story-based album that is sure to connect to everyone who listens. 

The album is a vulnerable offering of the past 18 months in Robbie's life. He captures moments in time and pulls the words straight from the heart. With poetic songs about love, following dreams, and wild car trips chasing the forever setting sun. Each one of Robbie's songs carry a feeling of hope and inspiration. No matter the song’s tale, the music and story is uplifting and meaningful. Robbie has a way to find your soul with his voice and beautiful melodies. His lyrics sink in and each time you listen, you can't help but take a new meaning to each song.  Robbie is naturally charismatic and clever, with the most infectious outlook on life, love, and music.

'200 years too late'  is described as a journey, and a chapter of time caught within the lyrics and melodies on an album. The album, just like Robbie is wildly unique.


Robbie was the opening act for The Beach Boys and The Temptations on their Australian Surf & Soul tour in 2017 and continues to promote his music through touring with fellow musicians. 


Robbie’s unique songwriting style allows him to write both upbeat and acoustic styles of music, catering to a variety of people from a wide demographic. Robbie has worked with various musicians, such as three-time grammy-winning award artist Coy Bowles from the Zac Brown Band to create a unique sound and continues to create new sounds that he is passionate about. As well as being a well-known solo artist, Robbie is the lead singer of his band The 'Robbie Mortimer Band' who have played at countless functions and events and continue to perform across the countryside and internationally. 

​Be sure to say hello to Robbie if you catch him at a gig. Your support is very much appreciated.

Click on the below video to see Robbie's Musical Journey 

The Journey of 'The Fall Of March'