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Robbie Mortimer is quickly building a reputation as one of Australian Country Music’s most exciting new artists. The 2023 Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist spent last year electrifying festival audiences and touring Australia’s east coast as the feature artist on the Professional Bull Rider’s Association (PBR) Monster Energy Tour


Robbie’s new single ‘Blow The Speakers’ is a high energy country anthem that follows the dreams of a country kid - from his first guitar to his first car to hitting the back roads with the radio pumping as he searches for the soundtrack to his life. “It’s about how a song can instantly transport us back to a moment in time” remarks Robbie.

Produced by co-writer Jared Adlam (Adam Brand, Matt Cornell) at his Machine Lab studios in lush Tambourine, Queensland, the aptly titled single cranks it all the way to 11 with Robbie’s gritty vocal sketching the dreams of a country kid to the backdrop of soaring guitars and a driving backbeat. “Jared truly brought the best out of me as an artist and songwriter. Nothing was too hard. There were no silly ideas, just opportunities to make a high energy country anthem and we did just that. I’m proud of what we created together.”


The Craig Honeysett directed clip for ‘Blow The Speakers’ jumps between Robbie cruising backroads in a magnificent vintage canary yellow Ford F150 and tearing up a live set at a recent Nashville themed event in Orange. “From storyboarding to filming to editing Craig and I were committed to ensuring that the energy of my live shows and the song itself were properly captured. I really think Craig achieved this admirably” says Robbie.


Growing up in Orange as one of five boys, Robbie's family bond was unbreakable. "We worshipped the ground our parents walked on” says Robbie fondly. He and his brothers were deeply involved in rugby league, a testament to their sporting roots – Robbie’s father and uncle are Canterbury Bulldogs legends Peter and Steve Mortimer respectively - and a close-knit community. (Keep an eye out for Peter’s cameo in the video!)


After a three-year stint in Queensland playing Rugby League with the Redcliffe Dolphins, Robbie headed home to the family farm in Orange where his natural leadership skills led him to work as a special needs teacher and to mentor indigenous youth. “I’m full of optimism. I see the light in everything.” reflects Robbie. "I’d throw myself into teaching by day and every other waking moment was spent honing my songwriting skills and dreaming my life as a performer.

Robbie’s journey has been blessed by the mentorship of his close friend Coy Bowles from the Zac Brown Band. It’s these connections and experiences that have enriched his music and life.


He’s back with the PBR in 2024 as the feature artist on their major events and will appear at many festivals around Australia. 

With a wild heart and spirit, Robbie Mortimer isn’t just another aspiring star; he’s a storyteller, a dynamic live performer, and an advocate of the power of music to heal and uplift. If you’re a gambler, put your money on Robbie Mortimer. If you’re not, wish him love and watch him fly.

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